Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cyborg She [2008] [download] (Japanese movie)

On November 22, 2007 Jirou Kitamura spends his birthday alone with no girlfriend to even speak of. This has been the occuarnce for quite a few of his birthdays. He goes to a department store to by him self a present. As he is doing this, Kitamura notices a 'cute' girl following him.
After buying himself a present, Kitamura goes to a resturant to eat his birthday meal. Before he is able to finish eating, the girl appears before him only to say it is her birthday as well. The two eat together, but Kitamura realizes he can't pay for both meals. The girl, in responce, drags him out of the resturant. The two end up runing around town only to end up at Kiramura's house. Soon after, Kitamura ends up realizing this girl knows him somehow but before he can ask, she tells him that she is a time travelr before dissapering for a year.
On his 21st birthday, the girl comes back- or so it seems... turns out this time the girl is a cyborg sent to prevent Kitamura from dieing in a tragic earthquake!
-Initial Impressions-
If you've known me long enough, you'd know I adore anime and movies of this type- ones involving cyborgs. The first part of the movie really got me excited, but did not work on my emotions as much as when the cyborg version of the girl came. It was most definantly a thrill ride and one that worked on my emotions. I can't really say 89% of what I want to say on this movie because it'll be spoiler-rific!!
-The Music-
I don't really remember the music very well... thusly leaving me unable to review the music!
The way this movie was shot is impressive (but I do have to admit that the graphics during the earth quake were a bit cheesy). There is something about the way Japanese shoot their movies that really make me feel like I'm experiencing the movie first hand. I do have to say that the fiture shots are abnormal feeling, which is probably the way it should feel because the future is not something I'm used to or have experienced.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Henry Poole is Here [2008] [dvd rental] (movie mini-review)

After watching Race to Witch Mountain earlier in the day, I was ready for a movie that does not rely on effects to make it a watchable movie. Henry Poole is Here was the movie I was looking for, to an extent. While watching the movie, I could pretty much predict what would happen but I wasn't too upset by this because the story was what the movie relied on rather then effects (this is in no way an effects movie! In fact, it's more of an independent film because there were many creative shots rather than computer effects). This movie is well worth the watch =)

H2O: Footprints in the Sand [2008] [download] (anime review)

*** Image copyright goes out to Zexcs.

I’m actually typing this at around 12:15am on March 14 2009- right after I finished the last episode of H2O: Footprints in the Sand. I was watching this mainly to pass the time while waiting for someone to log on to Yahoo IM (but due to a two hour time difference and their friend visiting before a major event later this morning, this person I was waiting to log back on probably ended up crashing before they remembered to logg back on to Yahoo) but ended up continuing not because the anime was “interesting” but because I honestly had nothing better to do because ToraDora is on the computer at the moment which my sister is using. Oh, and the reason this is being typed before posted is because my hand me down laptop sometimes doesn’t connect to the internet. *le sighhhh*
H2O: Footprints in the Sand is based on a Japanese adult visual novel by Makura that was released on June 23 2006. The anime was released from January 4 2008 through March 21 2008 spanning a total of 12 episodes. Even though there is a sequel to the visual novel called Root After and Another, there is currently no second season scheduled. There was a manga adaptation released before the anime adaptation. The anime is licensed for an English language release by Kodokawa Shoten.
The anime opens with the male lead, Takuma Hirose a blind middle school student, reciting part of an adaptation of the poem Footprints (a Christian faith based poem where a human is asking God why there is only one set of footprints in the sand if God said he would always be there). At one point in the anime, towards the beginning, he meets a girl who calls herself Otoha. Otoha tells Hirose that she is a spirit and he is the fabled Chosen One. In order to prove she is a spirit, Otoha takes Hirose’s blindness away. This, in turn, opens up a lot of new possibilities for Hirose’s life and also opens up old wounds.
I’ll warn you right here, this is a very cruel anime as well as very perverted (I know, it’s an odd combination). One of the female leads, Hayami Kohinata, is constantly picked on an beat up. Other female leads end up tripping onto Hirose’s face to the point where he gets to see their underwear but he always says he saw nothing (this is, of course, after he is given the ability to see). Yui Tabata, another one of the female leads, is the leader of the cruel insults aimed at Kohinata. As the anime goes on, things go from bad to worse to good to magical girl to even worse to time-to-throw-up-from-all-the-drama. Usually I do not mind drama, but this anime did get a tad too far on the drama meter. The first episode had a girl getting beat up and she didn’t put up any sort of fight. Everyone knows this does not happen to such an extent in real life.
That being said, this anime did have really good moments. I especially loved episode 8, the magical Otoha episode! This and some interesting plot twists did save this anime from getting a two star rating rather than a three. I would have given the anime another half star, but the animation was not that good- especially for a visual novel based anime. Usually, visual novel based anime have excellent animation, but H2O’s was a little below average especially for an anime released in 2008. Also, another saving quality of this anime, was the lack of every girl chasing the male lead. Even though most of the girls seemed interested in Hirose, this was not what controlled the anime’s plot. A really nice breather!
I’m not jumping up the pick up the OST because, in all honesty, the background music was a bit overused. I found myself tired of the same track being used but the ending theme was very nice while the opening was annoying.

All in all, H2O: Footprints in the Sand was not too long nor too short of an anime (even though the first few episodes did seem to drag on). The 12 episode length was very suitable for a story of this magnitude. I recommend this anime to fans of visual novel based anime and fans of drama, especially the cheesy kind =)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yakuza Girl [2008/09] [read online] (Mini-manga review)

... at yesterdays I-studios meeting Shadow brought up a good point- this manga is aimed at mature shounens (boys). I'm a shoujo (girl) but I like shounen series' such as Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and more recently Letter B. Apparently, this manga does follow the typical shounen style... but with a much darker and mature way of doing things. I personally did not like this approach because such an approach makes a manga seem like it's only real point is to please the sexual desires of the Japanese male. Of course, there is nothing really wrong with that (ok, there is, but in Japan some manga artists draw to sell to this type of audiance). I'm not a Japanese male, nor am I a pervy girl (ok, I take that back. I am, but I don't really like overtly perverted manga *sigh*). Yakuza Girl could have been really good, but it was rushed and the story was too perverted (on mainly one females part, but you can find that out by reading this manga when you have nothing else to read). I do not reccomend this manga at all... hardly an "if you're bored read" at that. You're better off reading something else. GO READ SOMETHING ELSE!!
NOTE: A "mini-manga review" is a review where I just give my opinions rather than a full fleged review of a series. I hope you are ok with this but if you would like me to make a full review, let me know and I will.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blindness [2008] [dvd rental] (movie review)

"The only thing more terrifying than being blind is being the only one who can see," The doctors wife.

I was really excited about seeing this film because I had been waiting to see it for over a year! To my surprize, the reviews on the internet were spot on. This movie is a very painful watch; not the good kind.

The movie starts out with a japanese man who mysteriously goes blind while driving. He ends up stopping traffic. In order to get traffic moving again, a set of men rush over to help; one of the men volenteers to drive the Japanese dude home. Well, this man ends up being called The Theif because after dropping off the japanese man at home, he steals the car. Soon after this man goes blind, people around the world also start going blind. This blindness is not your ordinary kind. In fact, people can still somewhat see through a milky white haze. Due to this, this special type of contagious blindess ends up being called a disease. Once the blindess is seen as a disease, the people who have this desease are put into a sych ward in order to issolate them from the rest of the world. They end up having to fend for theirselfs because even doctors won't see them. Eventually, the guards who were making sure the blind people were staying in the building end up dying........
Story wise, this movie is brilliant. I really wanted to buy the book, but could not find it. Before I could easily find it! Oh well. I'll still be on the hunt for that book because I keep hearing the book is brilliant and that's why people who have read the book hate the movies guts! Visually, the milky white haze was done really well. Other than that,this movie was VERY LACKING. I don't care how good the "story" was because that did not save the watchability of this movie.
You're better off watching a different movie. Don't give this one the time of day unless your into women getting rapped in order to provide food... even that would not happen in real life.
.... I honestly don't know what to say about this movie. It's that bad!