Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ergo Proxy [2006] [dvd rentals] (anime review)


Have you ever watched one episode of an anime and knew that said anime was going to be all sorts of epically awsome-amazing? Well, Ergo Proxy did just that (at least for me)! Not because of the studio Manglobe and not because of the art; because of the epic story. I'll explaine more in my review. Read on, readdddd onnnnnnnn.

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Romdo is a domed city built to protect it's citizens from an global ecological dissaster that made the outside world a place that life could not thrive on. Romdo houses all sorts of citizens- humans, androids known as AutoReives, companion type androids, and sepical types of citizens (who had to earn citizenship) called Fellow Citizens. One day the Cogito virus began affecting androids causing them to murder people and commit crimes they otherwise wouldn't even attempt to commit. Re-L Mayer is then assigned to investigate the Cogito virus. During her investigation she comes into contact with a Fellow Citizen who is connected to the creation of Romdo in a way that Re-L could not even imagine.....
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-Initial Impression(s)-
I already knew I was going to love this anime because of the company that produced it. I had been wanting to watch this anime for about two years now; I would have watched it sooner, but I wasn't "old enough" when I saw the trailer on a FUNimation DVD. Initially, the anime really provoked my emotions =) I seriously love anime with robots who have minds of their own. I don't know where this fascination comes from, all I know is that it's there to stay for a long time.
-The Music/ English Dub-
The dub! It. Is. A-ma-zing. This is one of those rare anime where the dub surpasses the Japanese version! And the music! I'll just say I got my hands on both OSTs =)
-The Visuals-
I don't have much to say about the visuals because if you know how Manglobe's anime looks, you know how this one looks. Excellent animation that hardley ever failed. Even side episodes were brilliantly animated =D
-The Story-
The story incorperates (probably not on purpose) the Jesus Christ story, but in a twisted way. I adored this! I was watching every episodes wondering where they would turn (some dragged on a bit, but that's expected from an anime such as this). There were a few moments where I wanted to skip an episode, which is enterially ok to do with this anime because it's not an overly confusing one. I do not reccomend skipping because each episode has some nice tid bits of information that others did not have. You'll notice a tone change once you're half way through the series, but please don't let this turn you away from such an amazing anime!