Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blindness [2008] [dvd rental] (movie review)

"The only thing more terrifying than being blind is being the only one who can see," The doctors wife.

I was really excited about seeing this film because I had been waiting to see it for over a year! To my surprize, the reviews on the internet were spot on. This movie is a very painful watch; not the good kind.

The movie starts out with a japanese man who mysteriously goes blind while driving. He ends up stopping traffic. In order to get traffic moving again, a set of men rush over to help; one of the men volenteers to drive the Japanese dude home. Well, this man ends up being called The Theif because after dropping off the japanese man at home, he steals the car. Soon after this man goes blind, people around the world also start going blind. This blindness is not your ordinary kind. In fact, people can still somewhat see through a milky white haze. Due to this, this special type of contagious blindess ends up being called a disease. Once the blindess is seen as a disease, the people who have this desease are put into a sych ward in order to issolate them from the rest of the world. They end up having to fend for theirselfs because even doctors won't see them. Eventually, the guards who were making sure the blind people were staying in the building end up dying........
Story wise, this movie is brilliant. I really wanted to buy the book, but could not find it. Before I could easily find it! Oh well. I'll still be on the hunt for that book because I keep hearing the book is brilliant and that's why people who have read the book hate the movies guts! Visually, the milky white haze was done really well. Other than that,this movie was VERY LACKING. I don't care how good the "story" was because that did not save the watchability of this movie.
You're better off watching a different movie. Don't give this one the time of day unless your into women getting rapped in order to provide food... even that would not happen in real life.
.... I honestly don't know what to say about this movie. It's that bad!

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