Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jennifer's Body [2009]/ Surrogates [2009]


The premise for this movie was that popular girl Jennifer (Megan Fox) can get any boy she wants and all girls want to be her. Well... one day at a concert miss Jennifer is used as a virgin sacrifice, only she is not a virgin. Instead of just being killed, a demon is transferred into her body for all of eternity. This demon has to feed on flesh in order to sustain itself. The only way to rid earth of this demon is to kill Jennifer via her heart...
I'm not one who chooses readily to go to this type of teenage horror flick but my friends wanted to go and my vote to go see Fame had become out numbered. BUT I actually enjoyed the movie. The background music was really good, and the story was not half bad. If only there would be a sequel :)


The movie is about how individuals can live their daily life's via surrogate robots. The best part is that if your surrogate self gets 'murdered' or 'harmed' that the you in a stem chair should not sustain any damage. One day people start dieing in their stem chairs after encountering a hooded man with a very deadly weapon.
This movie had a concept that could have worked out very well, but the movie had been too short which also resulted in it seeming rushed. If I had the choice to watch it again, I would because it was a good start of a movie but I wouldn't pay to see it in a theatre.

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