Saturday, January 3, 2009

January 3, 2008 (7:54pm)

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I'm currently reading:
Skinned [YA Novel]
Bogus to Bubbly [Uglies series guide book]
1/2 Prince [manga, waiting for chpt. 6]
Bakuman [manga chpt. 16+]
Deadman Wonderland [manga chpt. 2+]
D.N.Angel [manga vol. 13+]
Ga-rei [manga chpt. 1+]
Kodocha [manga chpt. 1+]
Kurozuka [manga chpt. 8+]
Lament of the Lamb [manga chpt. 3+]
Love Monster [manga chpt. 16+]
Lovely Complex [manga chpt. 1+]
Shugo Chara [manga chpt. 1+]
Solanin [manga chpt. 1+]
Tsubasa Chronicle [manga chpt. 50+]
Yesterday I read:
Lament of the Lamb [manga chpt. 1&2]
I'm currently Watching:
Akikan [anime ep.1 (pre-screen version)]
Beck [DVD 4 -english dub-]
Casshern Sins [anime ep. 3-5]
Chaos;HEAD [anime ep. 5-12]
EF: A Tale of Melodies [anime ep. 4-12]
Ga-rei-zero [anime ep.2-4]
Kurozuka [anime ep. 7-12]
Yesterday I watched:
Bridge to Terabithia [movie]
Yeah, yeahh... I know I've been "reading" Skinned for over two weeks now!! I happen to be very distracted with manga and anime and schoollll right now. And I just realized I STILL have to go to the art musem, design a poster to warn teenagers about drinking, finish coloring a huge art project, study for anatomy andddd finish my english paper (it has to be between 5-6 pages)- all in two days. I've decided NOT to list manga that I've bought under 'what I'm reading', but I will post them under 'what I read yesteday' =] Sometimes the manga I buy sits on a shelf for over a year (Amazing Agent Luna v.1-3 omnibus was unread for almost a year). AND, now I will be putting all these lists in ABC order for ease of comparing what I was going to read to what I have read!! You know I rule ^_^ I saw Solanin at Barnes and Nobles today.... but it was $2 out of my price range, so I purchased From Bogus to Bubbly (I seem to like buying series guides these days. I've almost got the Bleach one, and I've bought the Fruits Basket fan book and I'm excited for the Twilight one) and the Janaury issue of Anime Insider.
I finished downloading Chaos;HEAD today and also downloaded some anime previews, trailers and made an anime line-up video (oh yea, I also DLed the first episode of Akikan today, but it;s the prescreen version so there is no opening or ending theme on it)!! Be sure to visit my other blog for those and also please visit this youtube account for up to date anime previews and trailers as well as line up videos then visit this youtube account to keep up with my vlogs and what ever else I post on that account!! I'll be downloading the rest of Casshern Sins. OHHH, I also finished DLing EF: A Tale of Melodies since I last posted in this blog (I know the previous entry -i mean two entries ago- said that I had episodes 1-12 of EF: A Tale of Melodies, but one of the episodes wasn't DLed yet and I know the same was true for Chaos;HEAD, but several of those files were screwy). =D