Wednesday, July 1, 2009

[3/50] Chasing Yesterday #1: Awakening (review)

[book 3 out of the 50 books in a year challenge 2009/2010]
[this book was checked out from a library]

"At first, there was nothing but the pain. It began as a low rumble, background noise. It was almost soothing, the way it folded around her like a blanket. It made her mind dull, gave her a place to hide. It throbbed. It hummed. It came in waves, tossing her up, dragging her under, washing over her, carrying her away from herself, from everything." Awakening; pg. 1
Awakening opens up with a girl laying on the ground in the aftermath of major explosion. She is without memories... yet she knows how to move her eyes, how to speak, how to function. Once the girl is found and taken to the hospital, her story is show on the news and she is now known as "little girl lost." This girl does not like being called this, nor the name she has been given by the media- Jane Doe. She, instead, wishes to be called J.D. J.D. is soon shipped to a home for kids no one wants any longer. Here she meets a boy named David. At first the two don't hit it off, but eventually she ends up telling her the few days worth of a life story she has....
I ended up reading this 207 page book in a few hours. It is a book for those 8 years of age and older, but I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read the second book (which I checked out from the library when checked this one out). Overall, the book had a story that kept me interested- made me want to read untill I finished.

50 bk Challenge [2009/2010]

I originally started this challenge back in Febuary but never really got around to reading books as I had planned... so I've decided to restart the challenge this month (july) and go to next year, this month (july 2010). The rules are simple. I can't read how-to books, non-chapter books for this challenge. The book has to be AT LEAST 250 PAGES IN LENGTH. That is all. If you're going to participate in this, let me know :]

I'll do my best to review most of the books I complete.

I'm counting books I read last month as ones towards the challenge... yep.

Completed books in the challenge (in order of being completed):
1- Skinned [review]
2- Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Darkside
3- Chasing Yesteray #1: Awakening [review]