Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cyborg She [2008] [download] (Japanese movie)

On November 22, 2007 Jirou Kitamura spends his birthday alone with no girlfriend to even speak of. This has been the occuarnce for quite a few of his birthdays. He goes to a department store to by him self a present. As he is doing this, Kitamura notices a 'cute' girl following him.
After buying himself a present, Kitamura goes to a resturant to eat his birthday meal. Before he is able to finish eating, the girl appears before him only to say it is her birthday as well. The two eat together, but Kitamura realizes he can't pay for both meals. The girl, in responce, drags him out of the resturant. The two end up runing around town only to end up at Kiramura's house. Soon after, Kitamura ends up realizing this girl knows him somehow but before he can ask, she tells him that she is a time travelr before dissapering for a year.
On his 21st birthday, the girl comes back- or so it seems... turns out this time the girl is a cyborg sent to prevent Kitamura from dieing in a tragic earthquake!
-Initial Impressions-
If you've known me long enough, you'd know I adore anime and movies of this type- ones involving cyborgs. The first part of the movie really got me excited, but did not work on my emotions as much as when the cyborg version of the girl came. It was most definantly a thrill ride and one that worked on my emotions. I can't really say 89% of what I want to say on this movie because it'll be spoiler-rific!!
-The Music-
I don't really remember the music very well... thusly leaving me unable to review the music!
The way this movie was shot is impressive (but I do have to admit that the graphics during the earth quake were a bit cheesy). There is something about the way Japanese shoot their movies that really make me feel like I'm experiencing the movie first hand. I do have to say that the fiture shots are abnormal feeling, which is probably the way it should feel because the future is not something I'm used to or have experienced.