Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2, 2008 (11:58pm)

I found scans of Lament of the Lamb today, soo I'm also reading that manga.

January 2, 2008 (7:46pm)

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I'm currently reading:
Skinned [ya novel]
Solanin [manga chpt. 1+]
Kurozuka [manga chpt. 8+]
Love Monster [manga chpt. 16+]
Shugo Chara [manga chpt. 1+]
Tsubasa Chronicle [manga chpt. 50+]
1/2 Prince [manga, waiting for chpt. 6]
Bakuman [manga chpt. 16+]
Deadman Wonderland [manga chpt. 2+]
D.N.Angel [manga vol. 13+]
Kodocha [manga chpt. 1+]
The Wallflower [manga vol. 1]
Fruits Basket [manga vol. 21]
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [manga vol. 1]
SA [manga vol. 2]
Dorothy of OZ [manga vol. 1-4]
Code Geass: Lelouch of Rebellion [manga vol. 1]
((there are probabbly others that I can't recall at the moment...))
I'm currently watching:
Wanted [movie]
Batman: Gotham Knight [movie/ anime]
Gai-rei-Zero [anime ep. 2+]
Kurozuka [anime ep. 7-12]
EF: A Tale of Melodies [anime ep. 4-12]
Casshern Sins [anime ep. 3-5 (going to DL the rest once done DLing Chaos;Head)]
Chaos;HEAD [anime ep. 5-12]
((there are others, but these are the ones I'm watching like now, as in they are on my MP4 player or are next to be on my MP4 player. Yo))