Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yakuza Girl [2008/09] [read online] (Mini-manga review)

... at yesterdays I-studios meeting Shadow brought up a good point- this manga is aimed at mature shounens (boys). I'm a shoujo (girl) but I like shounen series' such as Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and more recently Letter B. Apparently, this manga does follow the typical shounen style... but with a much darker and mature way of doing things. I personally did not like this approach because such an approach makes a manga seem like it's only real point is to please the sexual desires of the Japanese male. Of course, there is nothing really wrong with that (ok, there is, but in Japan some manga artists draw to sell to this type of audiance). I'm not a Japanese male, nor am I a pervy girl (ok, I take that back. I am, but I don't really like overtly perverted manga *sigh*). Yakuza Girl could have been really good, but it was rushed and the story was too perverted (on mainly one females part, but you can find that out by reading this manga when you have nothing else to read). I do not reccomend this manga at all... hardly an "if you're bored read" at that. You're better off reading something else. GO READ SOMETHING ELSE!!
NOTE: A "mini-manga review" is a review where I just give my opinions rather than a full fleged review of a series. I hope you are ok with this but if you would like me to make a full review, let me know and I will.