Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day [2010]

You would think a movie with this much "star power" would have WOWED the audience.... well, I was part of an audience viewing this movie on some random Thursday and it was extremely disappointing! First off, having so many starts in one movie was a failure in itself... because of all these stars, the different stories were rushed rather that developed to the point where I could attach myself to the characters. Second, Taylor Swifts' character made me want to barf. She was so annoying and I felt sorry for Taylor Lautner :( Anne Hathaway's character was a hoot- she played an adult phone entertainer.
What really got me about this movie was how almost every couple broke up (except the high school couples who were just too lovey dovey)- all except the one George Lopez was apart of T_T Overall, this movie was just ok. There were no extremely heart wrenching moments and I didn't feel the need to cry at all. BUT the little boy who tried to give flowers to his teacher was an awe worthy moment. You're better off waiting to rent this one.

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