Friday, February 26, 2010

episode(s) [review archive] {incomplete atm}

These reviews [which are more like commentary if I'm being honest] are either in a single post or grouped together with others. I used to really want to review anime by the episode, but I found this to be really hard and haven't really stuck with this kind of format but I still sometimes review this way, so here is an archive of past and current reviews, in ABC order:
(note, anime with * are reviews of the English dub)
(note, some of these are movies >.> )

as of 2/25/2010, I'm letting you know this is currently not the complete list. this is only for the commentary I posted up to the first post in October 2009. I had no idea i posted so many of these tiny reviews >.> and i need to get to sleep because it's 7am and I have work at 2:30pm and I've had zip sleep soooo BED TIME *crashes* I'll finish after work today which is like 2:30-11pm so yay =D

07-Ghost [#21][#22-25]

Asura Cryin' [#1]

Bakemonogatari [1-3]
Basquash! [1&2]
Birdy the Mighty Decode [#1]

chaos;HEAD [1&2]
Clannad ~after story~ [1-3]

Darker than BLACK [1&2][3-6]
Dead Leaves [1]

Eden of the East [#1]
Ef: A Tale of Melodies [#1]

Genshiken [1&2]

Hanasakeru Seishounen [#1]

KNK The Garden of Sinners [#1]
K-ON! [#1]
Kujibiki Unbalanced [1-3]
Kemeko DX [#1]
Kuro Kami * [1-4]
Kurozuka [1-3]

Mushi-uta [#1]

Natsu no Arashi [#1]
Needless [1&2]

Princess Lover [1-4]

Rin ~daughters of darkness~ [#1-6]

Sgt. Frog * [1&2]

Tayutama ~kiss on my deity~ [#1]
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 [1&2]

Umi Monogatari [1&2]
Umineko no Naku koro ni [#1]

Vexille [1]

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