Saturday, January 24, 2009

AHHHH!! [#1]- Those With Wings & Rave Master [NEWS]

[Akia] I recieved an email today from Tokyopop that went like this....[Tokyopop] Hey all you Fruits Basket fans! We have another new series by Natusuki Takaya right over the horizon. And though it doesn't come out until March, we're hooking you up with a juicy sneak peek now!

[Akia] Can I just say, about time Tokyopop!!! Tsubasa: Those With Wings (Tsubasa o Mostu Mono) was released after Phantom Dream and before Fruits Basket in Japan. Tsubasa has a total of 6th volumes =D I'm looking forward to buying this one because I don't plan on buying Phantom Dream any time soon (the art is pretty horrid. No offense).

Also, the email mentioned that Rave Master will join Sci-fi channel's Ani-monday line-up on March 21, 2009. YES! I know a lot of people are going to complain about this because apparently the Rave Master anime wasn't that good (I beg to differ! I remember being excited for each new episode when it used to air on Cartoon Network). Ohhh, now I'm excited for March!!

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