Friday, February 20, 2009

AHHHHH! [#2] Dangggg FUNimation 0_o ((I loveee Ergo Proxy))

I'm still working on summaries and my opinions for this list! ~Akia [2/20/2009]
FUNimation is taking over the anime world by storm!
They have been aquiring rights to anime that Geneon
had before and bunches of anime from Japan that
have become popular thanks to fan subbing 0__0
FUNi, you rule!

Just to name a few of the aquirements
(ones that I am most definantly looking forward to):
1] D.Gray-man [3.31.09]
2] Dragonaut [2009]
3] Gakutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo [2009]
4] Kaze no Stigma [summer 2009]
5] Nabari No Ou [2009]
6] Romeo & Juliet [spring 2009]
7] Sgt. Frog [coming soon]
8] Soul Eater [coming soon]
9] Rin ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~ [coming soon]
10] Blasreiter [coming soon]
11] Bamboo Blade [late 2009]
And some more
(not looking forward to these as much):
12] Evangelion 1.01: You Are (not) Alone [AFI Film Festival 2009]
13] Heroic Age [spring 2009]
14] Ikki Tousen [coming soon]
15] OH! Edo Rocket [2009]
16] Shinguri: Death Frenzy [comign soon]
17] The Tower of Druaga [coming soon]
1] Allen Walker was a homeless boy who made a choice that gave him the power to see the Akuma - skeletons in people. He also has an alchemists arm. Today, Allen Walker has decided to become part of a group that fights Akuma with the power of Innocence (Allen's arm is made with Innocence) and to find the person who trained him in the ways of fighting Akuma. [[this anime is based on the Jump manga of the same name]]
2] The International Solarsystem Development Agency (ISDA) in Japan has started creating "dragons" (mecha) in order to combat the threat of an asteroid only to find out that this asteroid is not their ownly trouble- dragon like creatured begin to cause chaos on Earth! [[this is an original anime produced by Gonzo]]
3] Albert had one goal in mind- to escape the reality that was his life. During his attempt to fufill this goal, Albert meats a count who seems to have a luxurious life. Intriged by this count, Albert ends up inviting him to paris to experience the Pari right life. [[loosley based on the book Le Comte de Monte-Cristo]]

Did I ever mention that I loveeeee the FUNi dub of Ergo Proxy? I didn't! How silly of me!

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