Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bakemonogatari [ep.1&2]

Bakemonogatari is the product of SHAFT.
~Episode 1~ [screencaps]
Episode 1 of Bakemonogatari definantly made me want to continue on with the series not only because of the interesting story of a girl who had her weight stolen by a crab (which is later revealed to be a "god"), but also because of the animation approach which reminds me of the Ef series! The episode ended on a note that made me want to watch the second one ASAP.
~Episode 2~
The second episode solved the problem the first one presented, and also made it look like the anime was over with only two episodes. If it was not for the next episode preview, I probably would have mistake this series for an OVA anime (it's actually scheduled for 12 episodes). I warn people who plan to watch this that episode 2 deals with the topic of rape; it gets pretty deep.

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